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UBC Koerner Library Renovations

Kinetic was awarded the exterior renovation of the Walter C. Koerner Library. The project involved a renovation of several floors of the Walter C. Koerner Library, consisting of four (4) phases to be performed on Levels 2, 4, 5, and 6. Phase one consisted on renovating Levels 6 and 2 North concurrently. On Level 6, the space was unoccupied, and the work involved the addition of two (2) offices as well as renovation of the washroom entry. Once the bookshelves were removed, construction of new workstations and offices proceeded. For phase 2, the work on Level 4 took place on the entire floor and the renovation on Level 5 included only the North side. Hoarding was required for the work taking place in the vestibule on Level 4. Work on phase 3, Level 5 South was finalized in the Summer of 2020. 

Our Project Team proactively addressed safety and disruptions to the facility by scheduling noisy work at night. With this being a library on an active university campus, this was a priority that Kinetic committed to.