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Queensborough Community Centre Expansion and Envelope Remediation

The project entailed a new 13,000 sqft two-storey addition to an existing community centre, interior renovations and modernization, as well as a complete building envelope remediation to the existing building’s exterior. The new addition is of wood-frame heavy timber construction, with extensive use of glulam timbers and exposed fir decking. The existing building also
underwent a complete building envelope remediation, involving the replacement of extensive rot and replacement of exterior cedar siding, roofing, and skylights. As the work was being completed within and around a fully occupied facility, careful planning and phasing of the work was done.

The project involved creosote timber piles and concrete grade beams on a site that was near sea level. As excavations were performed, it would fill with water as the tides came in and out. To alleviate this, Kinetic coordinated the work and deeper excavations with the tides, as well as installed well point dewatering to assist in the work.