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George Jay Elementary School Seismic Upgrade

The project’s scope involved the seismic upgrade of George Jay Elementary School. The building’s primary structure was built in 1909, with various new classrooms that had been added over the years. There were major masonry components included in the scope of work that Kinetic undertook. A new entranceway addition and mechanical upgrades were also part of said scope. Our team implemented measures such as documenting the original state of the rooms prior to the seismic upgrades in order ensure the historic characters and functional school aspects were returned to how they were. 

They also engaged the consultants and subtrades proactively in order to maintain and ultimately achieve the tight schedule. Although the overall project was executed in the unoccupied school, the schedule was tight and needed to be met in order to facilitate the timely start of the school year. Careful coordination, planning and the responsiveness of our and the sub trades’ crews were critical to achieving this.