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Integrated Project Delivery

Intergraded Project Delivery (IPD) rallies key stakeholders around project objectives through a shared financial incentive.

Our service delivery

With various other contract models, each primary participant focuses on managing its individual financial interest, which sometimes leads to competition between different groups. Under IPD, the primary stakeholders, including the owner, design team, and contractor, are incentivized to work together, sharing the same risks, and working toward the same pre-established rewards. Working in lockstep toward common objectives ensures transparency and drives collaboration from the project onset, resulting in excellent resource utilization, time saving, cost reductions, and owner satisfaction.
  • One integrated team entity: Owner, Designers, and Contractors
  • Team is assembled early in the process
  • Highly collaborative
  • Increased transparency
  • Faster construction schedule with enhanced communication
  • Requires high degree of Owner commitment and dedication of resources
Kinetic offers industry-leading construction management and building services to every IPD project. Although the role Kinetic plays could vary depending on how an owner designates responsibilities, Kinetic always fosters open stakeholder collaboration from project inception through to completion.
Kinetic’s core values of passion, relationship-building, and Lean construction align with the primary objectives and advantages of IPD: striving toward the highest satisfaction for every participant, advancing productivity and value in an integrated team environment, and applying Lean management tools and techniques to optimize resource utilization, compress schedules, and continuously improve processes.

How we help clients build better

Kinetic brings to IPD the same strengths of expertise, experience, Lean project methods, and well-established industry relationships it provides under other delivery models. Depending on each particular IPD project, Kinetic may apply its expertise as the Construction Manager, the General Contractor, a combination of both, or have additional or hybrid roles depending on client requirements.