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UBC Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility (BRDF) Expansion

This project involves a major expansion of the UBC Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility (BRDF) which involves the addition of a 12 megawatt (MW) hot water boiler capacity to the existing BRDF 6 MW steam plant, along with other major modifications and upgrades to existing hydraulics and existing fuel handling conveyors, and modifications to the existing Operations centre. 

Construction of a new 3-level (including ground) high head lab (HHL), a steel building being constructed inside the existing building, is included in the scope, and entails outfitting the lab with sprinklers, stand-along mechanical ventilation, sensors (CO, CO2, Hydrogen, security), centralized gas bottle system with tube and fittings to HHL, and steam and syngas piped from plant to HHL. This expansion involved the installation of complex mechanical and electrical systems in a facility located in the midst of a busy university campus.