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CPR Steamship Terminal Building

Originally built and opened in 1905, the CPR terminal was expanded to a larger building to replace the original terminal in the early 1920’s. Throughout its history it housed the CPR steamship passenger terminal, the Royal London Wax Museum and in 1975 it was sold to the Province which managed the property through the Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) and in 2009 commissioned Kinetic to undertake the seismic reinforcement of the structure, and the restoration of the building’s neo-classical details. Driven by the mandate of protecting the historical integrity of this building, the Kinetic Project Team carefully planned the execution of the scopes of work in order to accommodate the installation of seismic upgrades, as well as the reconfiguration of the spaces that would house the new mechanical and electrical elements. 

The scope of seismic work included the installation of rock anchors, seismic concrete shear walls, and steel brace frames. Related work included mechanical and electrical safety upgrades and the refurbishment of building exterior.