Margaret Jenkins Elementary School

Client: School District # 61 (Greater Victoria)
Prime Consultant: Brad Shuya Architect
Location: Victoria, BC
Completion: August 2009

This project included seismic upgrading of the elementary school, and replacement of interior finishes to affected rooms. This project required asbestos abatement, installation of GEWI pile anchors,  full height (3 storey) steel brace frames to the 1914 building anchored to existing structure, and full height (2 storey) concrete shear walls to 1956 building anchored to existing structure. It also included steel anchors connecting wood frame roof members in the attic to masonry walls and ceiling framing. Plywood floor diaphragms and miscellaneous floor to wall anchors were also installed in the 1914 building. Finally, structural steel stud framing was installed at various unreinforced masonry walls to provide stability.

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