Hillside Centre Redevelopment

Client: Hillside Centre Holdings Inc.
Prime Consultant: MMC International Architects
Location: Victoria, BC
Completion: March 2014

Hillside Mall now features over 100 different shops and services, since its redevelopment in 2012. The project consisted of updates to the existing façade and 503,870 sq. ft. of expanded interior space. This included a two-storey addition that more than doubled occupancy within the mall. The interior renovations included an expanded food court with architectural and structural glulam and steel members. The exterior scope included stone veneer, glazing, aluminum paneling, exposed wood soffits and landscaping throughout to complement each other. The parking lot was redesigned to accommodate the expansion, and also included green initiatives to effectively manage pollutants and prevent them from flowing into nearby water sources. A ramp to new roof parking located above operating tenant space was also constructed. The total size of the renovations to the existing structure was 410,625 sq. ft.

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